Startups Of The Week

Welcome to our first ‘Startups of the week’ post on Founded X. Every week suggestions come in from curators of the Founded X Country Lists, with news about startups that are causing a buzz in their home markets. In our Slack Group, we have many curators, founders & startup enthusiasts from over 80 different countries. This weekly post is a chance to briefly highlight which startups are being mentioned the most and why.

This week we’re featuring 2 startups that are causing a lot fuss not only in their home markets but are being recognised internationally too.

Australian startup Safety Culture is a project management tool to allow managers to oversee audits carried out in the field. These audits are conducted by IAuditor, their auditing app, that by its first birthday had conducted over 1 million audits. Traditionally labour intensive & paper-based, Safety Culture has brought your auditing process to your smartphone, and managing auditing to the cloud away from pen and paper, creating innovation in a very traditional industry. Safety Culture was nominated by the curator of Founded in AustraliaSteven Speldewinde 

SafetyCulture Founder Luke Anear with Atlassian Founder & SafteyCulture Investor Scott Farquhar

Why are we excited about Safety Culture? They’ve just closed a $2.1M Series A round in Q4 2014 & are backed by Scott Farquhar, the founder of Atlassian. They are using the funding to open an office in Sydney & to take their product to international markets. Bringing an industry forward from its traditional & backwards way of doing things is no easy challenge. Crowdy News, was nominated by Tim Gouw, the founder of Founded in Holland.

CrowdyNews is a dutch startup with a social media curation tool. It integrates social media into an online newspaper’s output, gathering social media posts, photos and videos from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other channels. The idea is that it uses natural language processing to sort the relevant social posts out, and according to language.

Crowdy News Team Photo strangely taken the wrong way round by;

Why are we excited about CrowdyNews? Its very hard to stand out & not be ‘just another social media startup’. Its also hard to be another social media tool, and still do it in a tasteful manner yet Crowdynews have managed to create a beautiful suite of products that their customers are raving about. They’ve just raised an additional 2.5million Euros to expand internationally which they have done so by securing customers such as The Washington Post and other large media outlets looking to more effectively manage their social content.