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Find the perfect place to start your next business

Looking to start up on the other side of the world? Jump in the Founded X Startup Statistics and find your perfect startup location. All countries in the world have their own unique advantages and characteristics. With our Startup Stats page you’re able to sort on the cost of starting a business, the availability of a startup visa or the price of a beer.

Founder Maarten van den Heuvel explains: “Traveling between countries is so easy these these days and working remotely is becoming more popular with trends such as digital nomadism and entrepreneurial retreats. Only starting a business in a foreign country can still be a hassle. We’re going to change that.”

With Founded X we’ve a clear focus on uncovering local startup scenes and this is the next step towards reaching that goal. These statistics will help you not only to discover new startup scenes but also become part of them. In the future we will continue to expand its functionality with more information and adding new ways for startup founders to connect worldwide.

Since launching our platform and community early November 2014, we‘ve listed nearly 2,000 startups on local sites in 30 countries. We’re working together with 300 local startup experts to build startup communities in over 80 countries.

We’ve started this initiative to celebrates local innovative startups globally. Not focused on the usual suspects but build around the underdogs that develop tomorrow’s innovations and are eager to participate in the worldwide startup economy. Starting a business in each of these places requires exceptional courage and persistence. The locally curated lists presented by Founded X are a tribute to all innovative startups that are proud of their local roots.

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