Announcing the Founded X Blog

In the past 3 months Founded X has grown from a simple experiment — Founded In Holland — to a global initiative with over 20 countries listing 978 carefully curated startups (and a further 59 countries in the works)!

There’s a real buzz in the community. Startups are talking, meet-ups are happening and Founded X has a life all of its own. That said, we want Founded X to be more than a loose collection of logo’s on a list. We want to help facilitate communication between all these great startups. One of the first things we’re trying to do is establish this blog — It’s a place for the community to share news, knowledge, discussion and encouragement, one startup to another.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see on the blog.

Founder & Startup Interviews; Podcasts; AMAs (Ask Me Anythings), Top 5 startups of the week; Startup News; Product Launches & Announcements; Founded X Updates; Live Hangouts; Guest Posts; Tool Tips & Reviews and much, much more.

Now.. Here’s our ‘ask’! If you want to be featured, or know someone/a startup that should be featured or indeed have any ideas of what we should publish, please say. If you wish to contribute by writing on the blog, please say also as we’d love to have you on-board. You can reach us at

Founded X — Uncovering Startups Everywhere.